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Water damage won’t just “dry out” or go away if you ignore it. It only takes a few hours for a little water to start creating a big problem in your home or business. Excess water from plumbing problems, overflowing washers, fire extinguishing, sewer back ups, a leaky roof, a leaky foundation and more can cause serious problems if the water isn’t removed quickly.

That’s because the water absorbs into your drywall, flooring, cabinets and structure in as little as a few hours, which in turn creates problems with:

No matter what the cause of your water problem, you need to call our team of certified water extraction, drying and restoration professionals to get rid of the water and stop the damage before it starts. Call now at (602)363-1225, and we can be onsite within one hour if you live within 50 miles of Phoenix.

Our residential and commercial services include:

We’ve been serving the greater Phoenix area since 2002. We’re standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all your water removal and restoration needs. Call us now at (602)363-1225 to get prompt, professional service to protect your home or business.

Water Damage Restoration

Don’t Let Water Problems Turn Into Mold and Permanent Damage – Call Now to Save Your Home or Business: (602)363-1225

Overflowed washing machines, broken pipes, faulty sewer systems and leaky roofs are just a few of the things that can create water problems in your home or business. Damage and mold can begin in as little as a few hours, which is why you need to act fast to reduce if not prevent the spread of mold, contamination and water absorbing into the structure and furnishings.

Your first step is to call our certified water damage restoration specialists at (602)363-1225. The sooner you call, the better chance we have of being able to prevent damage to your home or business. We can be onsite within the hour if you live within 50 miles of Phoenix, so call now.

Our water damage restoration services include:

Our team members are all certified professionals who’ll act quickly and with care to protect your home or business. Call us on our 24-hour line at (602)363-1225 –we can be onsite in one hour. Call now, because the sooner we arrive, the better chance there is of saving your carpets and other belongings.

Fire Damage Restoration

Call Us Immediately After a Fire to Prevent Smoke and Water Damage From Spreading in Your Home or Business: (602)363-1225

The fire may be out, but the damage is still spreading. Not only does your home or business have fire and smoke damage, but the fire-extinguishing process created water damage as well. Both smoke and water damage will continue to grow and spread if they’re not cleaned up immediately.

Call our fire damage restoration specialists at (602)363-1225 right away so that we can stop the spread of damage immediately. Our fire damage restoration services include:

Smoke damage and soot are acidic, so the damage continues to spread until the smoke and soot are professionally cleaned and removed. Water damage can cause mold in a matter of hours, and it can absorb quickly into the wood frame to create structural damage if not extracted quickly. That’s why you’ll want to call our certified restoration specialists now at (602)363-1225 – we can be at your home or business in as little as one hour from now, so call right away.

Mold Removal and Repair

Protect Your Health by Getting Rid of Mold – Call Our Mold Removal Specialists to Stop Dangerous Mold Growth and to Remove Existing Mold: (602)363-1225

Even a little bit of mold can create dangerous health problems, especially for children, the elderly, and those with allergies and asthma. Dangerous mold can cause serious health problems such as allergies, respiratory problems or even flu-like problems such as fatigues and aches. Don’t gamble with your health or the health of your family – call us today at (602)363-1225 to get the mold professionally removed from your home or business.

The problem is that mold spores can be dangerous to your health whether the mold is living or dead. Simply scrubbing mold with bleach won’t get rid of it. Scraping it off doesn’t work if it’s embedded. Worse yet, most people don’t even realize how much mold is lurking behind drywall, hidden under carpets or floorboards, or otherwise not seen by the naked eye.

If you suspect mold problems, call our mold removal specialists immediately at (602)363-1225.

Our trained professionals will:

The sooner you call us, the sooner we can save your home or business from the damaging effects of mold, and the better chance you have of avoiding serious mold-induced health problems. So call our mold removal specialists today at (602)363-1225.

Emergency Flood Damage

Got Water Problems? Act Fast to Save Your Home or Business! Call (602)363-1225

Plumbing problems, a leaky roof, backed up sewers, a faulty foundation and more can cause flooding problems when you least expect it. You may be tempted to just let it “air dry,” but dangerous mold starts growing in as little as 24 hours after the flood.

Structural damage begins immediately as well. If you don’t remove the water and moisture quickly, it can absorb into the structure of the building in a matter of a few hours. In turn, the moisture will ruin carpets, rot the drywall, damage floorboards, create dangerous structural support damage, damage the electrical wiring, destroy furnishings and much more. Once the mold, rot and other damage starts to grow, it spreads quickly and endangers not only your property, but the health of your family. That’s why you need to act fast to save your home or business.

Your first step is to call us immediately at (602)363-1225. We’re here to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and in most cases we can be onsite within the hour if you live within 50 miles of Phoenix. We’ll start drying your home or business before the damage starts.

Here’s how we’ll protect your property once we get onsite:

No job is too big or too small. Whether a leak created a small puddle on the carpet or a major problem flooded the basement, our certified professionals will act fast to protect your home, business and your belongings. Don’t let a water problem turn into a major mold or structural damage problem – call us now at (602)363-1225 to stop the damage before it starts!

Thermal Imaging Cameras for Detection

We use the latest thermal-imaging technologies to find the hidden water and moisture problems not seen by the naked eye. These hidden problems include water and moisture that’s hidden behind drywall or absorbed into cabinets, furniture, flooring, or the frame of the house. If left undetected, these moisture problems will quickly grow into more serious problems, including mold and rot.

Restoration companies who attempt moisture-detection without thermal imaging cameras often need to use invasive methods such as cutting into drywall in order to pinpoint the problem. With thermal imaging, we can pinpoint the problem immediately without unnecessarily cutting into your walls or flooring. Plus we can even track the root of the problem, such as a leaky roof.

Call us today to let us put our thermal imaging cameras to work for you to detect hidden water, moisture and mold: (602)363-1225. We can be onsite in as little as one hour, so call now before your moisture or water problem damages your home or business.

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